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Mar 22, 2019

Joey Briggs is a musician in the punk band The Briggs. He joins Drew to talk share some stories on the road, being a parent, The Briggs and more. This week's brew is the classic and delicious Red Stripe, a Lager from Jamaica. 

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Mar 14, 2019

Rob and Drew try to find some positives to life and introduce a segment called "Cheers". They then go back to the dark side and discuss if watching true crime contributes to murder, and Drew shares a scary experience from the past. It gets kinda weird. This week's brew is Alaska Brewing Company's "Husky IPA".


Mar 8, 2019

Drew goes on a rant about the USPS, Rob rants about KFC, they discuss the biggest publicity stunt for the podcast, and more! This week's brew is Pigeon River Brewery's "Salty Knot", a pretzel wheat beer.


Music: MF Ruckus- Gasoline (For My Party Machine)


Mar 1, 2019

Drew and Rob dive into a Strange Brew where they talk about the legend of the Hamburger Man and then discuss the Midnight Game/Midnight Man, and some other stuff. This week's brew is Founders Brewing Co. Rubaeus, a Raspberry Ale. 


P.S. sorry for the sniffles

Feb 22, 2019

Rob and Drew try to create an idea for their own horror movie. They talk what they like in horror, and bounce ideas on how the killer should look. This week's brew is Badger State Brewing's Buzzy Badger, a coffee ale.